Hugely entertaining. Three guys who just light up a room. Can't recommend them highly enough. ” - Westbury Music Festival

Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club is an acoustic trio of guitar/vocals, fiddle/vocals and double bass, based in Wiltshire. 

Dr Zebo’s music puts a new spin on the folk tradition mixed with a touch of Americana and early jazz as well as some original tunes from members of the band. They often take the idea of a tune set - a string of jigs or reels played continuously - but mix music from different eras and backgrounds within the same set, to create a kaleidoscope of acoustic music from the last 120 years. Anything is fair game to receive the Dr Zebo  treatment - snippets of TV theme tunes, 60s and 70s pop songs along with stomping traditional dance tunes. 

If you book Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club we promise an enjoyable, hassle-free evening (or afternoon) of great, foot-tapping music - we have our own PA to suit any size venue up to a large hall or small field! We can tuck into a corner and tinkle away in the background or provide an evening of frontline entertainment - fantastic in a pub, brilliant at a wedding reception, ideal at a garden party, birthday do, club, festival, fete, function.....


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