Welcome to the Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club website. We're an acoustic trio of guitar/vocals, fiddle/vocals and double bass, based in Wiltshire. 

Dr Zebo’s music puts a new spin on the folk tradition mixed with a touch of Americana and early jazz as well as some original tunes from members of the band. They often take the idea of a tune set - a string of jigs or reels played continuously - but mix music from different eras and backgrounds within the same set, to create a kaleidoscope of acoustic music from the last 120 years. Anything is fair game to receive the Dr Zebo  treatment - snippets of TV theme tunes, 60s and 70s pop songs along with stomping traditional dance tunes. 

If you book Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club we promise an enjoyable, hassle-free evening (or afternoon) of great, foot-tapping music - we have our own PA to suit any size venue up to a large hall or small field! We can tuck into a corner and tinkle away in the background or provide an evening of frontline entertainment - fantastic in a pub, brilliant at a wedding reception, ideal at a garden party, birthday do, club, festival, fete, function.....

Please feel free to contact us using the contact page and we'll give you some more details. (Or phone Simon on 07743906805)

"Dr Zebo’s Wheezy Club are a brilliant band. Their music is full of warmth and rhythm and their repartee between numbers is something to behold! They were a fantastic addition to our festival." - Seb and Vicki Field, Gloucester Music Festival

"A great night at B-O-A folk club last night thanks to Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club.....you would have to go a long way to find musicians any better than this." - Phil Deverall, Bradford on Avon Folk Club

“They came to the Westbury Festival last night. Musically very talented, incredible playing with amazing arrangements of tunes from all eras but anchored in 20s & 30s. Musical styles from all over (often in the same piece!). Hugely entertaining with plenty of very funny "heckling" of each other and the audience. Three guys who just light up a room. Can't recommend them highly enough. [They really seem to enjoy being very good at what they do which is infectious - or they have worked out how to fake it so well that they had a delighted audience completely fooled!]" -  Ian Cunningham, director of Westbury Festival Cunningham - Chair Westbury Festival

Our first CD... Available to download in the 'Music' section or buy a CD at a gig.