Our Story

The band consists of Simon Taylor - guitar and vocals, Mike Fossett - fiddle and vocals and Ralf Dorrell - double bass. With a combined performance record of greater than 100 years, there is no lack of experience!

Simon and Mike go back a long way, having grown up together in Filton, Bristol
Both play together in the well-established pub and ceilidh band 'The Electric Lobsters'. The 'Lobsters' have been together for nearly 30 years and are still banging it out! Simon also plays in the harmony trio 'The Water Thieves'. Mike also plays in the Prog/Rock outfit, 'BlueDog'.

Ralf is busy on the South West music scene as a composer, performer (double bass and bass guitar), community music ensemble director, lecturer, teacher and workshop tutor. He is also very active as a jazz musician; both as a sideman for other bandleaders, and also running his own quartet, 'Snappersnipes', as a vehicle for his original jazz compositions.