Some reflections on Zebo life

A thumbs-up from Gloucester Music Festival 

The Zebo boys drink beer with a straw (single-use plastic - Simon was not impressed). Apparently, this is how they drink beer at Gloucester Music Festival... 

But we seemed to go down well. See the note below from the organisers. 

"Dr Zebo’s Wheezy Club are a brilliant band. Their music is full of warmth and rhythm and their repartee between numbers is something to behold! They were a fantastic addition to our festival." 

Seb and Vicki Field, Gloucester Music Festival

Another satisfied customer... 

After our gig on Saturday at the Southgate Inn, Devizes, we were given a 'thank-you' card by Debs and Dave (the publicans).

A nice touch, much appreciated by the band. We are looking forward to the next one.

Bowbridge Lock 

We spent an excellent afternoon at the opening of the Bowbridge Lock Pub on the London Road in Stroud. It has been re-opened by our friends from the Kennet and Avon Brewing Company, Malc and Andy. We wish them jolly good luck! Here is a picture of Ralf sampling Andy's canapés at the bar!
don't think much of your music but have one of these anyway.

'I don't think much of your music, but have one of these anyway....'

Local Folkclubs 

We have just enjoyed two great evenings at local Folkclubs. On Wednesday 2nd December at Seend Acoustic Club we played two sets to an appreciative audience and witnessed one of the worst raffles I have ever seen - luckly no one in the band bought any tickets! sadly we learnt that the club is soon to close - well done to Andy and Malc for keeping it going through the years. Catch the Cleverly Brothers there for the last session, you'll not regret it!!
Last night we were at the Bradford on Avon Folk club where Phil organised a great night with loads of support. Again, we enjoyed the evening, there was plenty of heckling and we proved that a bit of Jazz can go down well in an English folk club!!

Gin, gin and more 

Alcohol related events have featured recently with the gig in Melksham for the lovely people at The Kennet & Avon Brewery and the forthcoming Gin festival in Cardiff (sadly sold out). We also had a cracking time in Mr Wolfs bar in Bristol. Although it was lovely to get all that free beer I think I can speak for the band when I say the highlight was the free Lovett's pie at Melksham - they know how to treat a band at the Kennet & Avon Brewery!  (Their beer isn't bad either)

Bradford Roots and Acoustic Festival 

Many thanks to our loyal friends who came to see us play at the Wiltshire Music Centre yesterday. We had a great time and it was lovely to play to such an appreciative crowd! Hopefully they will have us back next year. In the meantime it looks like we may be playing in Seend Acoustic club and Bradford Folk club in the not too distant future.
l will keep you posted .

Power Problems Overcome at the Snooty Fox 

Ralf grows new left antler

Dr Zebo's Wheezy Club were on fine form on Sunday 5th October at the Snooty Fox, Warminster.  
There was a slight problem of lack of power to begin with, brought on by Ralf's new super powers. (Also affected: his laptop,  mp3 player, car and CERN). However, with super human effort the Wheezy Club persevered and played on through the outage and eventually everyone was happy! The possibility of some future dates at the Snooty Fox was not ruled out.